September 12, 2011

Shut down and Restart Windows Computer Faster

if your observe that you computer is slow to shut down and takes several minutes just to shut down, you do need to make this setting to fix the problem.

Making this setting will make your computer to shut down as quickly as in 2-3 seconds (depends from time to time). This is how it goes:
1. Start>> Run
2. Type in regedit and press OK.
3. In Registry Editor, go to left side pane. In that, navigate to:
My Computer
    + CurrentControlSet
      + Control 

4. On right side, set value of WailToKillServiceTimeout to 1000 following way:
a. Double-click on WailToKillServiceTimeout .
b. Under value data, type in 1000 .
c. Press OK .
d. Close Registry Editor (regedit).
e. Next time you shut your computer down, the effect is visible and clear.

"Enjoy life to its fullest. Utilize time to its optimum." - Rishi Raj

August 21, 2011

Removing previous installation of Oracle from Windows box

Suppose you have deleted folders of previous Oracle installation from your Windows box. Now you run Oracle installer to install Oracle again, but the installer is saying that Oracle is installed and asks you whether you want to uninstall (deinstall) that. You choose to unistall previous Oracle installation, but fail to find one and ultimately fail to install Oracle anew.

If you are facing this problem, then you should think of stopping Oracle-related services and remove Oracle-related registry entries. To know how to do this, follow this:
  • Stop Oracle-related processes and services. Steps are:
  1. Run Task Manager and go to Processes tab of that.
  2. Now look for services with names containg ora or oracle.
  3. End those processes.
  • Delete Oracle installation folder.
  1. If you could not have deleted C:\oracle or D:\oracle or wherever you had installed Oracle previously and C:\Program files\Oracle, then try deleting that folder now.
  • Remove Oracle-related registry entries.
  1. Start --> Run --> type in regedit and hit OK.
  2. Delete the following keys (some may have slightly different names in your registry):
Now restart your computer and try installing Oracle afresh.


August 10, 2011

Shut down computer in less than five minutes

Have you ever come across a situation when your Windows box has refused to shut down quickly enough or shut down at all? 

If your answer is "Yes", then follow these simple steps to make your computer shut down really quickly:
1. Run task manager (by pressing key combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete or any other way you may like :-) ) .
2. In menu bar, choose Shut Down.
3. Press and hold Ctrl key.
4. While holding Ctrl key pressed, click on Turn Off menu item.
5. Release Ctrl key. 

Computer now shuts down within 2-3 seconds.

Running multiple instances of GTalk (Google Chat Messenger)

Steps to enabling multiple instances of GTalk:
1. Create or locate a shortcut to your installed GTalk executable

By default, the executable file is
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe"

2. To Target value of this shortcut, add
[Method to implement step 2.:-

shortcut file --> right-click --> Properties --> Target] 

See the screenshot below:

Now every time you launch GTalk with this shortcut, you get a new
instance of GTalk launched. Sign in with a different email id on
the same computer and enjoy GTalking! :-)

August 09, 2011

Set Gmail as your default email client in Firefox

If you like to auto-reply using your Gmail account by clicking on a mailto: link, follow this:

You can configure your Mozilla Firefox to automatically take control of a clicked mailto: link  and let you use your Gmail ID to send a mail. The steps for doing this are given here below:
1. Open Firefox.
2. Log in to your Gmail account.
3. Copy-Paste this script in the address bar of Firefox with your Gmail account open.

4. Click "Add Application", if you are prompted to. Otherwise, follow these menus:-
Tools --> Options --> Applications
5. In the list of content type and applications, locate mailto under Content Type, and choose "use Gmail" from the list of applications suggested for that content type.

6. Save the settings.

Enjoy Gmailing with Firefox.

August 07, 2011

Delete Locked Files Which Cannot be Deleted Otherwise

Here you will learn about a utility that enables you to delete those stubborn files that test your frustration level and tempo by not getting deleted. The name of that useful utility is FileASSISSIN.

A file or folder can deny its deletion pertaining to any of the following possible reasons:
  • The file is in use by another program or user,
  • Access to that file for you is denied.
  • Some malware/virus infection or activity.

You may find these messages while you try to delete a file:
  • Access denied.
  • Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and the file is not currently in use.
  • This file is in use by another program or user.

FileASSASSIN is an application that can delete any type of locked files. Whether the files are from a malware infection or just a particular file – FileASSASSIN can delete it for you!

Download FileASSASSIN here.

A WORD OF CAUTION: File ASSASSIN can unlock your system files too and let you delete those, so be extra cautious using the utility when working with system files as deleting those files may cause your system to crash.


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GeeMail - Desktop client for Gmail Access Gmail without internet browser

Have you ever wished to check your Google mails without using any internet browser? If yes, then your wish has come true! Yes, you've got an application solely designed for Gmail. This is GeeMail. Using this, you can work with your mail (Gmail only) more efficiently and effectively as compared to as you do with then while with a web browser.

Attractive features of GeeMail:
  • No configuration required-
GeeMail has everything in place which is required to access Gmail. You don’t need to configure it like traditional email clients.

  • Offline support-
Even if you are offline, compose your email, click “Send”. GeeMail will send the mail for you the next time it detects Internet connection.

  • Gmail user interface-
No training or learning required for using GeeMail user interface because GeeMail supports the good old UI of gmail itself. Things just work the way they do in gmail, right down to the keyboard shortcuts!

  • Cross platform-
GeeMail is truly cross platform. GeeMail works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download GeeMail here. Install it and enjoy GeeMail'ing.
You need to have Adobe AIR installed to use GeeMail.

August 06, 2011

Hacking Windows login password

Things may go wrong, and they do. You may forget your Windows login password and strive for logging in to your Windows computer.

For this, here is a solution:
EBCD (Emergency Boot CD)
1. Google for it.
2. Download it
3. Install/run it.
4. Create a bootable CD of it.
5. Next you just need to boot your computer with this bootable CD, and follow instructions and take steps.

To boot computer with a CD/DVD:
1. Start/restart your computer.
2. The moment your ketboard lights flash, start pressing Delete key repeatedly to get to BIOS setup.
3. Under boot menu (different systems have different menus), set CD-ROM as primary boot device.
4. press F10 to save and exit.
5. Let the computer boot trom CD. (You will need to press a key for this.)
When the system has booted with CD, you will see EBCD instructions for resetting Windows password.
[you can set your computer to boot primarily with local hard disks similarly.]

August 04, 2011

To recover deleted file

There are good times also, and there are bad times also. How bad do you feel when any of your personal and precious pictures is deleted accidentally. It is even more worse when it seems to be impossible to get another copy of it.

Here is a solution for this query. You can recover deleted file. You can also recover files from a formatted disk. One free-of-cost tool available for this is:

PC Inspector File Recovery

This utility lets you select your disk or partition to search for deleted files, select files among them to recover and finally RECOVER THOSE FILES.

Fore more information and download, visit

July 30, 2011

JOCR -- Reads text out of images

Have you ever wanted to copy text from images? If not yet, do it now! With JOCR, you can copy text from screenshots and other images.

This utility let you take screenshots and recognizes text out of those screenshots.

This specialised software is JOCR (a.k.a GOCR), a free Optical Character Recognition software. What the software does is read the text on the screen and reproduces it in editable text format. This means that you can easily screenshot and copy all text that is in protected webpages (no right-click option pages), locked PDF documents, error messages, etc. The program does offer several capture modes. It is legally advisable to respect copyrights of concerned parties.

Drawbacks of this freebie:
> The text copied is plain text sans the formatting as you see, so no bolds, italics, or as it appears in a magazine.
> It cannot read your handwriting.

Download JOCR

Shock 3D -- 3D Desktop for Windows --- Amazing!

Bring Half-life 2 right into your desktop... with Shock 3D

If you thought Windows 7 desktop was cool, wait till you see Shock 3D,
an OpenGL application that is under 3MB. The application turns all
your icons/desktop into 3D, such that you can move them around like
objects. If you've ever played Half-life 2 using Gravity gun to
interact with objects (Havok physics), you'll know what I talking
Some of the selected icons are 2D and others are 3D, while being fully
interactive at the same time
A drawback of this app is that you cannot use your desktop normally as
Shock 3D sits as a layer on top of your desktop, it is not a fully
baked application to replace your desktop. But give the Korean
developer a break, they have created something cool and deserve the
credit. Microsoft if you are listening, steal this idea right away!
Download page: 

Running an application as a different user without logging off and on

Have you ever needed to run a program or an application with different user's credentials? For example, you have logged on as a normal user with limited privileges and you want to activate a service or make some other system-level change. To do this, you need not close all your open programs and log off and then log on with an administrator account, make changes and then log out, and login with your normal user account to see the effect.

You can run a program as a different user without logging out in. To see how, read below:
1. Right click the icon of that program or a shortcut to that, select Run As...
2. Enter the user name and password you want to use.

This only applies for that run. The trick is particularly useful if you need to have administrative 
permissions to install a program.

Note: For this trick to work, Secondary logon service must be running.
To start this service, follow these steps:
1. Start ->> Run...
2. Type in services.msc and select OK.
3. In the Services window, locate secondary logon, and start that by viewing its properties.
4. Close Services window.

July 25, 2011

Disabling need for entering username and password while startup

Many a times you find it inconvenient and time consuming, when you have to log in to you system frequently. It gets even more irritating when you need to enter your username and password for logging in.

You can boot and login without entering user name and password. Just follow these steps:
1. Select Start --> Run...
2. In Run dialog box, type control userpasswords2.
Doing so opens the user accounts application.
3. On the Users tab, clear the box for Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer.
4. Click on OK. An Automatically Log On dialog box will appear.
5. In that dialog box, enter the user name and password for the account you want to use. 

Now you can log in to your system without hassling with user name and password.

- Rishi Raj
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To get valuable system information, like 'system installation date and time'

If you want to get operating system and hardware related information about your computer, then you need not download any tool for the same. This information includes details like operating system (OS) version, OS installation date, processor (CPU) type/class among others.

You get retrieve vital system information by following these steps:
1. Run command prompt. 
[Hint: you can run command prompt  by either of the ways: 
 a. Start --> Run... --> type
and hit Enter key.
 b. Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Command Prompt] 
2. In command prompt, type systeminfo.

The computer will produce a lot of useful info, including the uptime.

To Save System Information to a File:
If you want to save this information to a file, type  
systeminfo > info.txt
in command prompt. This creates a file called info.txt you can view later with Notepad or any other text viewer.

July 23, 2011

Receiving Mail Alerts for Gmail on mobile phone

Many a times you might have found it to be troublesome to go to computer for checking your important emails. You find it even irritating, if you have to go to computer (to go to some cafe and pay) just to check whether you have received any new emails.

To avoid this hassle and expense, opt for receiving email alerts right on your mobile phone. It'll be very handy,  right?! :-)
To receive email alerts in form of SMS (totally free of charge) on your mobile phone, follow these steps:
1. Visit and register with your mobile number.
2. Get you email account activated on by clicking on
"Mail" tab.
3. Login to and go to "mail settings".
4. Under "Email Forward and IMAP/POP" tab, make settings to forward your emails arriving in your Gmail mailbox to your way2sms email account.
[you make these settings with both gmail and way2sms email accounts.]
4. click on "Mail alerts" link to activate email alerts.

From now on whenever your receive a mail with your Gmail account, the
same email will be received with your way2sms account and your mobile
phone will ring out:"1 New Message!"  

July 19, 2011

Automate installation of drivers and applications with Windows

If you find it annoying to first install Windows on a formatted computer and then install graphics drivers and audio drivers and other software packages one by one, and want to automate this all, then try the following method.

This method lets you-
- to avoid taking pains to enter USER name, ORGANISATION name, serial key,
- to append automatic installation of graphics drivers, sound drivers to installation of Windows,
- to append automatinc installation of antivirus program to that.

The method is-
Try creating your own "Unattended Windows Installation CD". For this, go through tutorials provided on site
[ do read home page contents for advices. Do begin with "Beginner" level. ]   

Desktop shortcut for locking computer

Sometimes you might have felt need of locking computer with as much ease as opening any file- double-click and get computer locked. This post tells you how you can achieve this ease.

Steps to locking computer with a shortcut:
1. Right-click on Desktop.
2. Choose New > Shortcut.
3. Enter target value: %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

Now you must see a shortcut for locking computer on your Desktop.

Whenever you like to lock your computer and go away, just double-click this shortcut; and Yola! it's done for you!!


Move user Desktop to another partition

You can move your desktop (Desktop folder in Windows) to another location.

Follow these simple steps for that: 
1. Go to Registry Editor.  
2. Navigate to 
\Explorer\User Shell Folders  
3. There change value of
or whatever you like. 

Moving desktop folder to a partition other than system partition helps keep your precious data inert to vulnerabilities of system partition like Windows failure, system breakdown. 


* For those who do not know how to Go to Registry Editor*: 
1. Press Start button.
2. Click on Run.
3. Type regedit in Run dialog box.
4. Hit OK. 

* Keyboard shortcut for Run is "WindowsLogoKey + R".