August 07, 2011

GeeMail - Desktop client for Gmail Access Gmail without internet browser

Have you ever wished to check your Google mails without using any internet browser? If yes, then your wish has come true! Yes, you've got an application solely designed for Gmail. This is GeeMail. Using this, you can work with your mail (Gmail only) more efficiently and effectively as compared to as you do with then while with a web browser.

Attractive features of GeeMail:
  • No configuration required-
GeeMail has everything in place which is required to access Gmail. You don’t need to configure it like traditional email clients.

  • Offline support-
Even if you are offline, compose your email, click “Send”. GeeMail will send the mail for you the next time it detects Internet connection.

  • Gmail user interface-
No training or learning required for using GeeMail user interface because GeeMail supports the good old UI of gmail itself. Things just work the way they do in gmail, right down to the keyboard shortcuts!

  • Cross platform-
GeeMail is truly cross platform. GeeMail works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download GeeMail here. Install it and enjoy GeeMail'ing.
You need to have Adobe AIR installed to use GeeMail.

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