August 06, 2011

Hacking Windows login password

Things may go wrong, and they do. You may forget your Windows login password and strive for logging in to your Windows computer.

For this, here is a solution:
EBCD (Emergency Boot CD)
1. Google for it.
2. Download it
3. Install/run it.
4. Create a bootable CD of it.
5. Next you just need to boot your computer with this bootable CD, and follow instructions and take steps.

To boot computer with a CD/DVD:
1. Start/restart your computer.
2. The moment your ketboard lights flash, start pressing Delete key repeatedly to get to BIOS setup.
3. Under boot menu (different systems have different menus), set CD-ROM as primary boot device.
4. press F10 to save and exit.
5. Let the computer boot trom CD. (You will need to press a key for this.)
When the system has booted with CD, you will see EBCD instructions for resetting Windows password.
[you can set your computer to boot primarily with local hard disks similarly.]

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