July 23, 2011

Receiving Mail Alerts for Gmail on mobile phone

Many a times you might have found it to be troublesome to go to computer for checking your important emails. You find it even irritating, if you have to go to computer (to go to some cafe and pay) just to check whether you have received any new emails.

To avoid this hassle and expense, opt for receiving email alerts right on your mobile phone. It'll be very handy,  right?! :-)
To receive email alerts in form of SMS (totally free of charge) on your mobile phone, follow these steps:
1. Visit http://www.way2sms.com and register with your mobile number.
2. Get you email account activated on way2sms.com by clicking on
"Mail" tab.
3. Login to http://mail.google.com and go to "mail settings".
4. Under "Email Forward and IMAP/POP" tab, make settings to forward your emails arriving in your Gmail mailbox to your way2sms email account.
[you make these settings with both gmail and way2sms email accounts.]
4. click on "Mail alerts" link to activate email alerts.

From now on whenever your receive a mail with your Gmail account, the
same email will be received with your way2sms account and your mobile
phone will ring out:"1 New Message!"  

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