September 12, 2011

Shut down and Restart Windows Computer Faster

if your observe that you computer is slow to shut down and takes several minutes just to shut down, you do need to make this setting to fix the problem.

Making this setting will make your computer to shut down as quickly as in 2-3 seconds (depends from time to time). This is how it goes:
1. Start>> Run
2. Type in regedit and press OK.
3. In Registry Editor, go to left side pane. In that, navigate to:
My Computer
    + CurrentControlSet
      + Control 

4. On right side, set value of WailToKillServiceTimeout to 1000 following way:
a. Double-click on WailToKillServiceTimeout .
b. Under value data, type in 1000 .
c. Press OK .
d. Close Registry Editor (regedit).
e. Next time you shut your computer down, the effect is visible and clear.

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