July 30, 2011

JOCR -- Reads text out of images

Have you ever wanted to copy text from images? If not yet, do it now! With JOCR, you can copy text from screenshots and other images.

This utility let you take screenshots and recognizes text out of those screenshots.

This specialised software is JOCR (a.k.a GOCR), a free Optical Character Recognition software. What the software does is read the text on the screen and reproduces it in editable text format. This means that you can easily screenshot and copy all text that is in protected webpages (no right-click option pages), locked PDF documents, error messages, etc. The program does offer several capture modes. It is legally advisable to respect copyrights of concerned parties.

Drawbacks of this freebie:
> The text copied is plain text sans the formatting as you see, so no bolds, italics, or as it appears in a magazine.
> It cannot read your handwriting.

Download JOCR

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