July 30, 2011

Shock 3D -- 3D Desktop for Windows --- Amazing!

Bring Half-life 2 right into your desktop... with Shock 3D

If you thought Windows 7 desktop was cool, wait till you see Shock 3D,
an OpenGL application that is under 3MB. The application turns all
your icons/desktop into 3D, such that you can move them around like
objects. If you've ever played Half-life 2 using Gravity gun to
interact with objects (Havok physics), you'll know what I talking
Some of the selected icons are 2D and others are 3D, while being fully
interactive at the same time
A drawback of this app is that you cannot use your desktop normally as
Shock 3D sits as a layer on top of your desktop, it is not a fully
baked application to replace your desktop. But give the Korean
developer a break, they have created something cool and deserve the
credit. Microsoft if you are listening, steal this idea right away!
Download page:

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