July 30, 2011

Running an application as a different user without logging off and on

Have you ever needed to run a program or an application with different user's credentials? For example, you have logged on as a normal user with limited privileges and you want to activate a service or make some other system-level change. To do this, you need not close all your open programs and log off and then log on with an administrator account, make changes and then log out, and login with your normal user account to see the effect.

You can run a program as a different user without logging out in. To see how, read below:
1. Right click the icon of that program or a shortcut to that, select Run As...
2. Enter the user name and password you want to use.

This only applies for that run. The trick is particularly useful if you need to have administrative 
permissions to install a program.

Note: For this trick to work, Secondary logon service must be running.
To start this service, follow these steps:
1. Start ->> Run...
2. Type in services.msc and select OK.
3. In the Services window, locate secondary logon, and start that by viewing its properties.
4. Close Services window.

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